If it’s up to Amsterdam, the emission free era will be sooner than you’d think

This week marks a great one for urban mobility in Amsterdam. The City has drawn up a list of objectives and measures designed to keep its citizens happy and healthy, by keeping polluting cars on the outside of its borders. By 2030, the entire built-up area of Amsterdam will be emission-free for all modalities, including passenger and freight vehicles, motorbikes, taxis, busses, mopeds and boats. This means that no diesel or gasoline cars are allowed to enter the city from 2030 onwards, instead, electric vehicles are welcomed with great pleasure (!).

The municipality has introduced these ambitious measures to meet the recommended exposure limits of the World Health Organization, in order to improve air quality and to achieve a CO2-reduction of 9%. Overall, these measures will lead to a more quiet and livable city.

These measures aren’t taken in isolation. Other European cities like Antwerp, Paris, Hamburg and Madrid are just a few examples of cities that already have, or have announced, low emission zones.

So, that leaves us with two questions: What city is next? And, perhaps more importantly, what will you drive?

Stay tuned for our electric cargo vehicles, and be part of the new way of urban life.