Soon, there will be no more polluting trucks at Dutch convention centers

The two biggest convention centers in the Netherlands, the RAI Amsterdam and the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, have had a good financial year, which allows for the execution of ambitious sustainability plans that have been on their to-do-list for a little while.

Because of the decreasing quality of life in many urban areas, the RAI and Jaarbeurs want to contribute to fixing this problem by getting rid of polluting trucks around their buildings and through creating more room for cyclists, electric vehicles and greenery. In addition, RAI director Paul Riemens has expressed his liking for the creation of a city hub just outside of Amsterdam, from which electric vehicles will take care of the last mile delivery in the area. This would benefit noise reduction, the lowering of CO2 emissions and it would save over four hectares (!) of parking space that would have otherwise been occupied by trucks.

The specifics of the announced plans by the Jaarbeurs and RAI Amsterdam will likely be made public around the summer of this year. So, make sure to keep an eye on our website to learn more about these developments. We at Rolling the City are excited to hear about the official plans by the RAI and Jaarbeurs, because we love ideas that contribute to saving space and making room for a higher quality of life, just like our vehicles will do too.