Rolling the City is now officially a DOET member!

Rolling the City is officially a member of the Dutch Organisation for Electric Transport (DOET) since this week! Woo! DOET is the industry association when it comes to electric transport in The Netherlands, one of the fastest growing sectors in our country. Of course, with the launch of our Regis Epic0 being only two weeks away, joining DOET was a high priority.

DOET, like Rolling the City, strives for nationwide electrification of mobility, by powering all vehicles with renewable energy and by allowing innovations to increase this path of green growth. Being a member of DOET will help our mission to better city life, through cooperation with NGOs, knowledge institutes, governing bodies and other sustainable businesses. As a member, we’re able to form close relations with everyone that wants to contribute to a more sustainable future. Needless to say, we’re thrilled about the opportunities this membership will bring us.