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Regis Epic0 Rood - Elektrische bestelwagens

As you may know, Rolling the City has an on-going collaboration with the Italian brand Regis Motors. Together, we make sure that the Regis Epic0 electric vans get distributed throughout Northern Europe. But, what kind of brand is Regis Motors? And what role does Mecaprom S.r.l. play in this?

Regis Motors is the name under which manufacturer Mecaprom produces her light electric vehicles, better known as the Regis Epic0 models. The company was founded in 1960 as an automotive engineering organisation, specialized in prototyping. Over the years, Mecaprom has developed itself to a true innovative player in the automotive field. The new technology in the Regis Epic0 vehicles for example, has been developed by Mecaprom’s engineers themselves.

Additionally, the company does not only work on producing their own vehicles. They also have a rich history as the year-long supplier of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Honda among others. This global presence of Mecaprom was a deciding factor for Rolling the City to start our collaboration.

All in all, Mecaprom’s innovative power, experience and trustworthiness make them a magnificent producer of electric vans and trucks.

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