Learn and move forward

Rolling the City has officially closed its doors. Two years ago, we wanted to give the transition to zero-emission urban transport a significant boost by launching a Light Electric Vehicle. In all meetings with eCommerce parties, SMEs, leasing companies, dealers, press, governments, construction partners, and suppliers, we got a good idea of ​​what the market was waiting for. And why major manufacturers were reluctant to step up to the plate. We launched the Epic0, a 100% electric cargo vehicle that almost perfectly matched the needs of the market.

We then discussed with the manufacturer how we should perfect this LEV for the European market. And that would unfortunately only succeed with radical adjustments that could not be realized in the “window of opportunity” of a few years.

Today I read “Why Breakthrough Start-Ups often fail- Start-up or Start-App” by Henk Zeegers. The book describes 6 cases of Start-Ups, who, like us, were forced to stop their activities. This is somewhat soothing to me… we were almost there.

Were you part of our mission? Then I cannot thank you enough for all your enthusiasm and support.

It is now time for a new phase.  New theme and a new hashtag!