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Learn and move forward

Rolling the City has officially closed its doors. Two years ago, we wanted to give the transition to zero-emission urban transport a significant boost by launching a Light Electric Vehicle. In all meetings with eCommerce parties, SMEs, leasing companies, dealers, press, governments, construction partners, and suppliers, we got a good idea of ​​what the market […]

Meet 50 years of automotive experience

As you may know, Rolling the City has an on-going collaboration with the Italian brand Regis Motors. Together, we make sure that the Regis Epic0 electric vans get distributed throughout Northern Europe. But, what kind of brand is Regis Motors? And what role does Mecaprom S.r.l. play in this? Regis Motors is the name under […]

What kind of vehicles are our electric vans?

You may be wondering what kind of vehicles our Regis Epic0 electric delivery vans are. Luckily, your question will not remain unanswered for long. The Regis Epic0 Van and the Regis Epic0 Pick-Up fall into the L7e vehicle category, also referred to as light electric vehicles in professional terms. These can be passenger vehicles, but […]

Rolling the City is now officially a DOET member!

Rolling the City is officially a member of the Dutch Organisation for Electric Transport (DOET) since this week! Woo! DOET is the industry association when it comes to electric transport in The Netherlands, one of the fastest growing sectors in our country. Of course, with the launch of our Regis Epic0 being only two weeks […]

The iconic design of the Regis Epic0

Dieter Rams, one of the most influential and renowned product designers of the last 60 years, has had an enormous impact on design and the concept of product design as we know it today. In the 1980s he created the 10 principles of good design, which are still used in the design industry and taught […]

Soon, there will be no more polluting trucks at Dutch convention centers

The two biggest convention centers in the Netherlands, the RAI Amsterdam and the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, have had a good financial year, which allows for the execution of ambitious sustainability plans that have been on their to-do-list for a little while. Because of the decreasing quality of life in many urban areas, the RAI and Jaarbeurs […]

The emission-free era

Living in a world where mobility is key, cars, trucks and vans have proven to have radically changed our lives since as early at the late 19th century. They brought the us freedom and opportunities to pursue our dreams, however far away they might (literally) be. Unfortunately, cars and other modes of transport have proven […]

Rolling the City: we are here for mobility in city life

Cars used to stand for freedom, status and coming of age. They were symbolizing the growth of the economy. This may have changed somewhat, but car brands are still trying to seduce prospective buyers with fairytale images in which you picture yourself driving on long winding mountain roads. A feeling of status and endless freedom. […]