Our Philosophy

Freedom, mobility, sustainability and health

At Rolling the City, we believe that everyone should be able to live their life to the fullest of their potential. Freedom, mobility, sustainability and health are crucial parts of realizing that potential of a happy and long-lasting life, especially when you live in an urban area.

Since cities are becoming increasingly crowded and polluted, the things we hold most dear in life are under pressure. Finding a place to park in Amsterdam is similar to finding El Dorado, our mornings consist of mostly standing still in traffic instead of moving forward, urban residents are increasingly having respiratory problems and even our parks seem less green than they once were.

We live in a time where climate change is the biggest socio-political problem that needs to be tackled, yet drastic changes are always met with drastic resistance, meaning that finding solutions to this wicked problem is extremely difficult.

A catch-all solution

We, at Rolling the City, want to be a part of the solution, by offering a product that is sustainable, useful, economical but most of all pleasurable. We have created a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) that is carefully designed for European cities and everything that is part of them. By providing smart LEV’s ready to be used for last mile delivery and passenger transportation, we will help eliminate air pollution and congestion.

Our LEV’s are not just good for the environment, they’re good for your company, your employees and your wallet. Because our product is based on existing technology, we are able to create a breakthrough in cost-of-ownership. More importantly, our LEV’s will contribute to that freedom, mobility and sustainability that both we and our planet so desperately desire. We believe that solutions don’t always have to be one thing or another: they can be both, tackling multiple problems at once.

We’re ready for the future, care to join us?