100% Electric vans and trucks for urban entrepreneurs

Rolling the City wants to keep cities moving by developing, producing and distributing smart electric transport solutions. We offer fully electric vans and trucks in the light electric vehicle category, designed for entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporates that want to move forward. Each and every day we get one step closer to the realisation of our mission: clean, mobile and sustainable cities throughout Europe.

Let’s roll!

Compact size, uncompromised results

Our Regis Epic0 electric vans and trucks fall in the light electric vehicle category (L7e-homogolation in Europe). Our vehicles function as a full-fledged delivery van, but they’re lighter, more compact and more economical than a standard van. The long range, 700kg loading capacity and the fact that you don’t need to pay road tax in The Netherlands for our electric vans, make the Regis Epic0 models the ultimate alternative to a fossil-fueled van.

Go See Session Parcel and Delivery

A huge part of city supply is for food and beverages but what is the most effective method? What are the current trends in transport and what role do electric vehicles play? Entrepreneurs face new challenges and cities have ambitious regulations regarding emissions, what problem you need to solve? We bring you the knowledge and network to prepare yourself. Enroll in our Go See Food and Beverages Session in Amsterdam by clicking on the button below, so you can have tomorrow’s knowledge today.

The Regis Epic0 Van: tomorrow’s electric van

  • Available for order now
  • 100% electric
  • Long range
  • Exceptionally safe
  • Manoeuvrable

Meet our team

Twelve experienced professionals and advisors work day and night to develop and distribute our Regis Epic0 electric vehicles. Curious about the team behind the vehicles? Read more about who does what at Rolling the City.


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