The Regis Epic0: the light electric cargo vehicle for urban transportation

Change urban mobility for the better.


Chassis made from steel: safety made accessible


Fully customizable cargo space for entrepreneurs with limitless creativity


Incredibly long driving range: only traffic lights will stop you now


Comfortable and well-designed interior, because we know it’s all about the feeling of the driver


100% Powered by electricity – enhance the air quality in your city by simply driving around

  • 100% Electric

    The Regis Epic0 has a 18650 Li NMC battery with a nominal voltage of 144V, allowing you to drive emission-free without needing a drop of gasoline.

  • Long driving range

    With a range of up to 170km under normal circumstances, the Regis Epic0 covers your working day and is perfect for inner-city transport. Worrying about having to fill up the tank now belongs to the past.

  • Exceptionally safe

    Unlike other electric cargo vehicles, the Regis Epic0 has a steel cabin and a high-strength chassis. The cabin is also equipped with a safety-cell, made of a series of reinforcements and front shock-absorbers to ensure safe and worry-free driving.

  • Easy to steer

    The measurements of the Regis Epic0 (1520mm width, 3700mm length) make the vehicle compact and easy to maneuver, allowing you to quickly zigzag through the city when you need to.

Italian design made to last

With design written all over their DNA, Italian manufacturer Regis Motors have created a light electric cargo vehicle like no other. The Regis Epic0 combines an appealing exterior design with the functionality of an all-purpose cargo vehicle. We know that comfort is more than aesthetics, so we made sure that the seats are designed for professional use and made in compliance with internal ergonomics. This way, your ride will be as pleasurable as possible. The unique steel cabin and safety-cell with shock absorbers are designed to guarantee a safe and long lasting vehicle.

Built for urban entrepreneurs

Traffic jams are an everyday nuisance for those who work and live in urban areas, in fact, they’re almost a part of your daily routine. We know that entrepreneurs like you, whether you have a small business, a SME or work at a large corporation don’t like waiting, and neither do we.

The Regis Epic0 offers advantages no other light electric cargo vehicle or car offer: it’s both easy to maneuver and park the Regis Epic0 in almost every parking space, plus it has a driving range that, under normal circumstances, covers your working day. The fully customizable cargo space also allows the Regis Epic0 to function in any business sector, from the local bakery to the delivery of packages in all of the city. This light electric cargo vehicle is created for urban professionals just like you.

Save on costs while improving air quality

Because the Regis Epic0 is compact and maneuverable, it can move through narrow urban areas faster than any standard gasoline or diesel van. While the polluting vehicle is still working on a turn, the Regis Epic0 is already two blocks away, making it more efficient to get from A to B, or from A to B to C to D.. The Regis Epic0 also saves you cost of fuel daily, in addition to it having a low cost-of-ownership. Other advantages are a low cost-of-ownership and your daily savings on fuel: cheaper to have, cheaper to run.

The Li NMC battery makes the Regis Epic0 100% electric, meaning its C02 emissions are significantly lower than a non-electric vehicle, it makes less noise and it does not damage the air quality in the urban area you work in.

Good for the environment, good for your wallet, good for your city.

Customizable and versatile loading surface

The cargo space of the Regis Epic0 is fully customizable, meaning it can literally fit (almost) anything you need as an entrepreneur. Whether you want an open or closed top, a cooling or heating element, doors on the side or at the back: it’s all possible with the Regis Epic0.

We at Rolling the City believe that flexibility and creativity should be encouraged, which is why we want to offer a vehicle that is perfectly crafted to your wishes. Have a specific idea about the cargo space and you’re not sure whether it can be realized? Do not hesitate to contact us and we guarantee that we’ll create something special.

Available in various colors to fit your preference

The Regis Epic0 is available in the colors: blue, red, white, orange, green and grey. Check them out below!