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Cities are growing and are more densely populated than ever. All these urban residents are constantly moving and they make others move as well. This makes our cities overly crowded, polluted and less livable, with all the associated consequences. A development that according to us, cannot be ignored. The increasing need for a cleaner and more sustainable environment was the trigger for Rolling the City to find a solution. So we can keep our beloved cities clean and fun to live in.

Think about the emissions of toxic exhaust gases caused by the vast majority of freight traffic, due to the increasing demand of deliveries and supply. But also think about getting your bike fixed, or getting a new screen for your phone: everything has to happen at your doorstep. Urban mobility is changing radpidly and this calls for new and green solutions. Solutions to make cities greener, more sustainable and more mobile. Allowing cities to remain a nice place to live and work in.

At Rolling the City, we believe that small adjustments can make a great difference. Therefore, it is our mission to keep cities moving in a clean and sustainable manner. With the introduction of the Regis Epic0 electric vans, we contribute to a Europe filled with sustainable cities. A Europe in which entrepreneurs can save on costs, while making their city greener.

The Regis Epic0 electric trucks are smart light electric vehicles for governments, municipalities, corporates, SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs that work in the city. With the 100% electric Regis Epic0 models, Rolling the City has the perfect sustainable transport solution for urban areas. The transport of packages, goods, service materials and fresh produce has never been this easy.

Because our electric vans are based on existing technology, we were able to create a breakthrough in cost of ownership. This is how we make electric transport accessible, which contributes to the mobility and sustainability that our cities so desperately need.

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