Regis Epic0 Van elektrische bestelbus

Spacious and customizable cargo space: from cooling to tipping options


Electronic system with MOSFET technology – drive confidently


700 kg loading capacity – perfect for both large and small business owners


A range of 170km in normal use, perfect for a workday filled with deliveries.


Optional electric power steering – to make your ride a bit easier

The Regis Epic0 Van: the electric van for urban entrepreneurs

Starting at only €27,350

  • Directly available to be ordered

    The Regis Epic0 Van is now available to be ordered and will be delivered quickly.

  • 100% electric

    Our L7e van has a 18650 Li NMC battery with a nominal voltage of 144V. This makes it possible to drive emission-free, without ever needing to refuel. Sustainable entrepreneurship has never been easier.

  • High range

    The Regis Epic0 Van has a range of up to 170km in normal use, ideal for a workday full of deliveries. The daily search for a gas station now belongs to the past.

  • A cargo space for everyone

    Need a cooling system, a tipper or just a simple cargo space? With the Regis Epic0 Van, it’s possible. You can completely customize the cargo space to suit your needs, taste and creativity.

Italian design with Dutch functionality

Design flows through the veins of our Italian designers at Regis Motors. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Regis Epic0 Van has the looks of a passenger car. Luckily, our electric van is more than just easy on the eye: the Regis Epic0 Van is above all extremely functional.

For instance, the seats are aligned to the smallest details of the internal ergonomics of the vehicle. They’re designed for professional use with the highest comfort standards, making every ride as pleasant as possible. In addition, the van also has a unique steel cab and safety cell with crumple zones, which are designed to make the vehicle both safe and durable. In the world of design: precision is key, and our designers know that mantra like no other.

Drive long, sustainable and inexpensive

The Li NMC battery makes the Regis Epic0 Van 100% electric, making its Co2 emissions significantly lower compared to a non-electric van. Additionally, it makes less noise and it doesn’t damage the air quality in your city. With a range of 170km in normal use, you don’t have to worry about an endless search for a petrol station. Recharge the Regis Epic0 Van in the evening and in the morning you’ll be ready to start your workday again.

Spending a lot on fuel costs? Not with the Regis Epic0 Van. Driving electric is much cheaper than driving a gasoline or diesel vehicle. In addition, the road tax for electric cars and vehicles is also many times lower. Good for the environment, good for your wallet, good for your city.

The Regis Epic0 Van is not only useful and durable, its compact dimensions make the delivery van perfectly built for the city. Small parking spaces, narrow streets and tricky curves are no problem with the Regis Epic0 Van. Our electric van is made to make your life easy.

Customizable and versatile cargo space

The cargo compartment of our electric van is fully customizable to fit your needs. We strive to fulfill (almost) every ‘cargo space wish’ Whether you want an open or closed top, a cooling or heating element or doors on the side: it’s all possible with the Regis Epic0 Van. Looking for an electric van with an open bucket? Make sure to check out the Regis Epic0 Pick-Up!

At Rolling the City, we believe that flexibility and creativity should be encouraged. That’s why we offer a vehicle that can be perfectly customized to what you have in mind as an entrepreneur. Do you have a specific idea about the cargo space or drop side and you’re doubting whether this can be realized? Do not hesitate to contact us. We promise that we can come to a fitting realization together.

Available in various colours

The Regis Epic0 Van and the Regis Epic0 Pick-Up are available in shades of blue, red, white, orange, green and gray. Below, you can check out the colors in which the Regis Epic0 models are available.

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