Look back at the successful launch of the Regis Epic0 electric vans and trucks.

Tomorrow’s electric vans

On October 3rd 2019, we revealed the new Regis Epic0 electric vans in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. We are more than happy that they were welcomed with such enthusiasm! Were you there or unfortunately unable to attend? In either case, we would like to look back at a successful afternoon with the three Regis Epic0 models as the center of attention.

Check out the aftermovie below, look at the photos taken at the event and re-live a day filled with innovation.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all the attendees, the employees of the Westergasfabriek and our team for the shown commitment and interest. Without you all, the day would not have been as successful as it was. Filled with enthusiasm, we look forward to our next event.

A milestone in our history

After a long wait, the time had finally come to launch our first electric vans, the Regis Epic0 Van, Pick-Up and Compact in the Westergas in Amsterdam. Together with interested entrepreneurs, our relations and the Rolling the City – Regis Motors team, we have had a beautiful afternoon filled with sustainable innovation and Dutch ‘gezelligheid’. As speakers, Marijn Romer, Cristiano Regis and Huib Stad had the honor to welcome three vehicles to the Dutch market: the Regis Epic0 Pick-Up, the Regis Epic0 Van and the Regis Epic0 Compact. The Pick-Up and Van-version are immediately available to be ordered and they will be delivered approximately within 60 days. Curious to see one of our three models? Make an appointment for a test drive below, or check out the product page.

Check out the aftermovie!

The electric van for everyone

Whether you’re self-employed, work at a SME or a big corporation: the Regis Epic0 Van or Pick-Up is the electric van for everyone that transports goods, services or foods throughout the city. Because we want to stimulate every entrepreneur, we offer membership for the Rolling the City-Regis Motors Club to the first 10 customers that purchase a Regis Epic0 Van and/or Pick-Up. Amongst other things, this club offers networking opportunities with other (sustainable) entrepreneurs. So don’t wait any longer!

Weren’t able to be at the launch? Make sure to make an appointment for a test drive and experience the Regis Epic0 Van and Pick-Up with your own eyes. You can also download the brochure of the vehicles below and check out some photos from the event.

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