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Mecaprom - Italiaanse fabrikant elektrische bestelwagens

Meet 50 years of automotive experience

As you may know, Rolling the City has an on-going collaboration…
Regis Epic0 Van and Pick-Up electric vans

What kind of vehicles are our electric vans?

You may be wondering what kind of vehicles our Regis Epic0…

Rolling the City is now officially a DOET member!

Rolling the City is officially a member of the Dutch Organisation…
Dieter Rams

The iconic design of the Regis Epic0

Dieter Rams, one of the most influential and renowned product…

Soon, there will be no more polluting trucks at Dutch convention centers

The two biggest convention centers in the Netherlands, the…

If it's up to Amsterdam, the emission free era will be sooner than you'd think

This week marks a great one for urban mobility in Amsterdam.…

The emission-free era

Living in a world where mobility is key, cars, trucks and…

Rolling the City: we are here for mobility in city life

Cars used to stand for freedom, status and coming of age. They…

Rolling the City is about to start!

Soon you will find our latest news about light electric vehicles…


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Factfinding-missie e-mobility in Polen
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