Rolling the City: we are here for mobility in city life

Cars used to stand for freedom, status and coming of age. They were symbolizing the growth of the economy. This may have changed somewhat, but car brands are still trying to seduce prospective buyers with fairytale images in which you picture yourself driving on long winding mountain roads. A feeling of status and endless freedom. I love cars. I love that dream and everything that comes along with it.

But what if you also love city life? If you are into the lights, the energy you feel around you. If you’re into pop-up stores, finding new restaurants and eating fresh artisan food. If you are thrilled by the idea of meeting people from all over the world. And dream about finding the love of your life someday. If the city happens to be the spot where you live, breath, eat, sleep, work, exercise, love and raise your children? And if you are that entangled with the city – as it is in my case – that your family name is Stad, which means city in Dutch….

City life and cars or mobility in general don’t seem to go hand in hand that well. Think about the large trucks that supply the stores, the half empty vans driving in and out of the city every day, the coaches that drop off tourists with their inevitable suitcases at hotels. And then there are pedestrians, trams, cars, bikes, e-bikes, scooters, speed pedelecs, motorbikes, cargo-bikes and numerous other vehicles… all trying to make their way through the city.

In 2050 about 70% of the world’s population will live, commute and work in urban areas. To enable this growth, cities will have to change drastically to allow residents to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. Our vision of a city in 2050 is one with clean air, ample space for its residents and green parks. The future solution is in the combination of different forms of transport by which supply and demand are met. With affordable, sustainable, safe, fully electric mini-vans and ultra-compact cars that fit perfectly into the infrastructure and work with digital services.
We at Rolling the City want to bring you such electric vehicles. And by that contribute to that cities can achieve their goals following from the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference agreement in Paris.

Our ambitions are European. We have ideas, knowledge and energy, but we especially believe in cooperation to realize our vision for the future.

Think you can help? Let us know.

Let’s roll!

Huib Stad

Founder Rolling the City