What kind of vehicles are our electric vans?

Regis Epic0 Van and Pick-Up electric vans

You may be wondering what kind of vehicles our Regis Epic0 electric delivery vans are. Luckily, your question will not remain unanswered for long. The Regis Epic0 Van and the Regis Epic0 Pick-Up fall into the L7e vehicle category, also referred to as light electric vehicles in professional terms. These can be passenger vehicles, but also transport vehicles (which are then called light electric freight vehicles), such as the models we offer. Such vehicles are described as fully electric modes of transport such as a bicycle, a moped or a compact vehicle with electric drive and a limited speed, designed for the distribution of goods.

The Regis Epic0 of and Pick-Up may seem like a ‘regular’ van, but they are actually L7e vehicles, and thus fall into the same category as a quad. Our compact and light electric vans therefore offer advantages that ‘standard’ vans do not offer. For example, you don’t have to pay road tax, you save daily on gasoline costs and you fit in almost every parking space with the Regis Epic0 models. Our cost-of-ownership is therefore revolutionary low, making electric driving accessible to nearly every entrepreneur.

But saving costs is not all it’s about, as an entrepreneur you need a van that allows you to do your job quickly and anywhere in the city. That’s why the range of the Regis Epic0 models is 170km under normal conditions, which is more than enough to cover your workday. This makes the Regis Epic0 and Pick-Up perfect for transporting goods, food and services in urban areas. At night, plug the vehicle in the charging pole and just a few hours later you’re ready to drive again. Easy, fast and durable.

To summarize, the Regis Epic0 electric vans are L7e vehicles and the perfect right-hand for entrepreneurs who want to move forward. Maybe you’ll drive one too soon?