The iconic design of the Regis Epic0

Dieter Rams, one of the most influential and renowned product designers of the last 60 years, has had an enormous impact on design and the concept of product design as we know it today. In the 1980s he created the 10 principles of good design, which are still used in the design industry and taught in design academies today. His impact on design and the way consumers use products has been incredible, and with the introduction of the Regis Epic0 we hope to do the same.

You can check out the 10 principles of good design below, and discover how the Regis Epic0 hits every mark. Rams designed for the future and we intend to do the same.


The Regis Epic0 is the first ever Italian electric four-wheel vehicle that embodies the DNA of a car. It is also the very first light electric cargo vehicle with a metal cabin, including a safety-cell and shock-absorbers.

Because the chassis of the Regis Epic0 is compact, yet still has a loading capacity of 700kg, it allows for practical transportation of goods in European urban areas, which are known for their narrow streets.

Unlike other light electric cargo vehicles, both the interior and exterior design look and feel like a charming Italian car, making traveling as enjoyable as possible.

Merely have a glimpse at the Regis Epic0 and you know what it is for: the transportation of goods, food and services.

Because of the compact dimensions of the Regis Epic0, it allows for fast and safe driving through traffic without compromises or causing traffic jams. It’s carefully crafted to fulfil its purpose, nothing more than that.

Authenticity is greatly reflected in the Regis Epic0 by the motivations for creating it: sustainable urban living. The vehicle is designed like a car, because it can do most things a car can do too, perhaps even better.

The Regis Epic0 is equipped with a unique LMU control unit to manage the electronic system of the vehicle, to assure it always runs smoothly. With the increasing electrification of vehicles in urban areas, the Regis Epic0 can be used for years to come.

Comfort is more than aesthetics, so we made sure that the seats of the Regis Epic0 are designed for professional use and made in compliance with internal ergonomics, being made of high-resistance materials.

The Regis Epic0 is a fully electric vehicle with a 45Ah auxiliary battery that ensures significantly less C02-emissions in comparison to a gasoline or diesel van. We believe sustainability is key to ensure future generations can also live happily and healthily in urban areas.

The Regis Epic0 has everything any business needs, like a fully customizable cargo space, without unnecessary and expensive gadgets. Pure and simple.